Today I headed out to Kettle Moraine alone, which was a first for me. Usually I go with someone because I feel a little overwhelmed going alone. It’s still new territory for me so I’m learning. Today I felt comfortable enough for some reason or another.

The temperature was great, 60′s, sunny with a breeze, I couldn’t ask for a better running day.  I thought a lot about my next race which is happening on those exact trails.  I thought about how I’d race that day, when I would need things, what places I could push it a little bit, and when I should back off.  I actually turned off my heart rate alerts and just ran for the sake of running. I still took a peek at my heart rate here and there, just to make sure I wasn’t doing anything crazy.

I felt at peace almost meditative. On the way back I realized the rocks and the terrain of the trail actually made me very nervous, almost to the point of fear. I keep my eyes on the ground in front of me a lot now. I miss out on a lot of beauty on the trails when I run, but that’s because one misstep on the trails and I could be out of my race, or worse, my season. That thought made me savor the moments even more. 1526561_10152712468957441_3448953742137007486_n 1514587_10152712466357441_4270008559907492965_n

I am so thankful for every step and every mile my body lets me cover on foot. I’ve been slightly afraid on the trails – not of who or what is out there – my own clumsiness. I hate that one misstep can completely take me out of a race or season but i guess that is the game we play. Running is a huge part of my life and i need to remind myself that i cannot take it for granted. It could easily be taken away at any moment. I am so thankful that my body has been able to get deal with all the stress of what i put it through whether that be training or life… and i know that is a lot. Today has been a day to appreciate everything even something as simple as this.