Finding my way

After Boston I felt pretty lost, I didn’t like running and I was just plain defeated.  Mostly because Boston just wasn’t what I expected.  I’ve been really good at getting into my own head in a negative way lately.  I haven’t been confident in my running like normal and it’s frustrating.

Before my meeting with coach Kitty I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next.  I didn’t even want to do races and I felt just plain depressed.  Kitty and I managed to put together a race schedule that would be less demanding for the summer.

My summers are usually pretty insane.  So far this summer hasn’t been any different.  I’ve found myself working 48-50+ hours a week at 3 different jobs.  So the thought of training for an ultra marathon or even a marathon would be way too much to handle.  I settled with a couple half marathons over the summer followed by a fall marathon and ultra marathon.  The half marathon training will help with my speed.  Hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll find more time for longer runs.

This week we officially started summer and I’m already exhausted. I’m easily working 10-12 hour days Monday through Thursday,  a few days with Jim, and every other weekend at the grocery store.  I truly need a break soon for my sanity’s sake! I’m definitely trying new things to get more balance in my life.  Let’s hope this happens soon!

Somehow I’ve managed to get some work outs in. Every once in a while I miss a few here and there because I need to clean my house or tackle a weeks worth of laundry. However, setting up this blog again has ignited something. I’m excited to run again.  I’m excited to race, I’m excited for new race photos and new experiences.

I honestly am not even sure where this post is headed, other than to tell you that I’m ok.  I’m trying to survive every day and I’m working through so that hopefully I can get my running focus back.  Life is such a journey, it’s difficult but getting lost and finding your own way always works out in the end.

Oh and by the way, I have a race on Sunday! YIPPEEE!